• Accurate IOL Prediction,
    Coming at You in Real Time.

    Accurate intraoperative IOL prediction with the exclusive HOLOS

    Barrett IOL Formula™

  • Really real time.

    Continuous Real-time™ Refractive Data, Only With HOLOS IntraOp™ Wavefront Aberrometer

  • Integrate. Analyze.

    The HOLOS InSight cloud-based physician portal helps you optimize planning,

    track outcomes, and refine surgeon factors over time.

look into the future of opHthalmic technologies

At Clarity Medical Systems, we devote unprecedented human and technological resources to a single foundational goal: Providing state-of-the-art clinical ophthalmic technologies. Integrating innovative 21st-century optical, electronic, and information tools with in-depth scientific and engineering excellence, our devices are continuously transforming the very nature of professional eye care.

Precision Doesn't Pause — And Neither Will You.

Your cataract surgeries are in constant motion. With HOLOS®, your valuable refractive information will be, too. Because only the HOLOS IntraOp™ Wavefront Aberrometer displays non-stop qualitative and quantitative refractive data. So you get immediate, real-time feedback during cataract surgery. And a whole new level of procedural confidence.

Surgeons Share Their Experiences

The HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer is engineered for the demands of modern refractive cataract surgery. Hear your colleagues' thoughts about how HOLOS IntraOp meets the challenge.

Surgeon Viewpoints