Real-time Data.

Only the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer continously streams patient refractive data, providing you with a nonstop look at your procedure as it changes.

HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula™ : Real-time IOL Prediction

Thanks to the exclusive HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula — developed in collaboration with Graham Barrett, MD, Warren Hill, MD, and Douglas Koch, MD — only HOLOS delivers:

  • Increased accuracy and precision, using aphakic data and best-in-class Barrett formulae optimized for the HOLOS system
  • Real-time IOL power calculation and prediction during cataract surgery
  • A net refractive solution for the eye, including anterior and posterior corneal curvature
Graham Barrett, MD
Warren Hill, MD
Douglas D, Koch, MD

"The HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula, paired with the capabilites of the HOLOS System, will provide surgeons with an invaluable tool during cataract surgery. This integration helps bring additional precision and accuracy to all procedures."

- Graham Barrett, MD


Our cloud-based physician portal seamlessly integrates your patient's pre-operative biometric information with HOLOS intraoperative data, helping you optimize planning*, track outcomes*, and refine surgeon factors over time*.

*Planned feature release in 2017.

The HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula leverages the power of the HOLOS InSight portal to deliver the advantages of two leading-edge technologies-working together, and working for you.

  • Before surgery, preoperative biometric information is entered into HOLOS InSight and populates the HOLOS interface
  • During surgery, HOLOS Wavefront Technology provides real-time refractive data and the exclusive the HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula calculates lens diopter recommendations
  • Post procedure, HOLOS procedural and lens power data may be uploaded to HOLOS InSight for record-keeping and analysis*
*Planned feature release in 2017.