Upgrades to intraop aberrometer enhance surgical feedback
Technology provides continuous, real-time measurements to verify refraction "A sophisticated integrated formula for IOL power prediction is the featured capability in upgrades to Clarity Medical Systems’ intraoperative wavefront aberrometer." February 1, 2017 by Nancy Groves Reviewed by Warren Hill, MD An integrated IOL formula (HOLOS Barrett Intraocular Lens Formula) is the centerpiece of a set of recent upgrades to a wavefront aberrometer (HOLOS IntraOp, Clarity Medical Systems). IOL power predictions based on this new formula—along with integrated aphakic data acquired during surgery—are expected to enhance the precision and accuracy of IOL power selection and help surgeons to achieve the desired refractive outcomes. External consultants Graham Barrett, MD, Warren Hill, MD, and Douglas D. Koch, MD, developed the IOL power selection algorithm for the system, a continuous, real-time intraoperative aberrometer. The technology incorporates elements from the Barrett Universal II and the Barrett Rx formulas. The Barrett Universal II formula provides surgeons a calculated IOL power for desired spherical equivalent and postoperative outcomes using preoperative biometry measurements, whereas the Barrett Rx formula incorporates data from the Barrett Universal II formula, as well as the calculated effective lens position and planned refractive outcome to predict IOL power.

Feb, 2017

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