Real-time Data.

Only the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer continously streams patient refractive data, providing you with a nonstop look at your procedure as it changes.


Dependable, Insightful — and NOW.

Only the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer continuously streams patient refractive data, providing you with a nonstop look at your procedure as it changes. Unlike "snapshot"-based systems, HOLOS gives you continuous real-time refractive information. And the assurance of constantly updated precision and accuracy.


Utilizing proprietary sequentially shifting wavefront technology, HOLOS IntraOp scans refractive data 90 times per second, providing refractive feedback for:

  • Selecting lens power
  • Rotating toric IOLs
  • Titrating limbal relaxing incisions
  • Opening arcuate incisions


  • Continuous refractive data is generated when wavefront data is focused onto the microelectrical mechanical system (MEMS) of HOLOS. The speed of the MEMS-along with the number and position of scanned refractive samples-provides exacting, real-time feedback.
  • Innovative aberrometer-based sphere, cylinder, and axis technologies continuously assess and display detailed refractive data as it changes during the phakic, aphakic, and pseudophakic phases of procedures.


  • All information is automatically streamed to a heads-up display on a color monitor, without the need to push buttons, operate controls, or stop to change lighting or distance.
  • Saves time and keeps attention on the procedure, compared with non-real-time systems.


  • With its unprecedented combination of real-time, continuous refractive feedback and remarkably user-friendly design, HOLOS represents the next generation of intraoperative wavefront aberrometry.
  • The advanced technologies and groundbreaking capabilities of HOLOS make it the ideal choice for premium IOL procedures.


Qualitative Data Preoperative Biometric Data Lens Power Recommendation Qualified Quantitative Data Real-time Quantitative Data Seamless, Continuous Processes

Dual-Mode Data Display

HOLOS features an innovative dual-mode interface that updates refractive data in real time, as it changes—so you have insightful data during the phakic, aphakic, and pseudophakic phases of the procedure.

Unlike other "snapshot"-based aberrometers, with our continuous real-time data, there's no need to stop surgery to change ambient light conditions, acquire a refraction, adjust working distance, decide which button to push, select the correct stage of surgery, or otherwise disrupt your procedure in order to compensate for dated technologies.

Saves procedure time, eliminates coordination hassles, and cuts expenses.

No need to use an external eye model for calibration prior to use.

The compact size and advanced design is compatible with standard surgical microscopes and both 175mm and 200mm working distances.