Real-time Data.

Only the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer continously streams patient refractive data, providing you with a nonstop look at your procedure as it changes.

Surgeon Viewpoints

Drs. Robert Osher, Jonathan Solomon, Kerry Assil, Keith Liang, William Christian, and Jay Lippman discuss the HOLOS IntraOp System at ASCRS 2016 in New Orleans
Barry Linder, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Clarity Medical Systems, explains the benefits of the HOLOS IntraOp System
Warren Hill, MD, FACS and Robert Osher, MD discuss using the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer for refractive surgery

Robert H. Osher, MD

The value of real-time...continuous wavefront aberrometry is indisputable; imagine the possibility of no longer depending entirely upon pre-operative measurement in obtaining axial length and keratometry. And confirming the target refraction on the operating table will change cataract surgery forever!

David F. Chang, MD

Premium IOLs are the patient value-added proposition that restore proper value to our skills as cataract surgeons and clinicians...As refractive IOL technology improves, the demand for and success in delivering this value proposition will only increase.